It is worth noting that Overtrans is part of the Protec Group. In addition to Overtrans, the group includes the following companies:

Protec Development is a company that builds warehouse and industrial real estate, manages these complexes and leases space in them. As of today, the company's portfolio already includes 3 operating logistics and production complexes with a total area of ​​46,000 sq.m. Also, the construction of the largest technology park in the western region of Ukraine with an area of 100,000 sq.m. is currently underway. The first stage of this technopark will be put into operation on July 1, 2020.

LPK is a distributor of more than 70 leading international and Ukrainian manufacturers.
Distributes FMCG products to many groups and categories of both food and non-food products. The company's distribution branches are located in 9 cities, including the capital - Kyiv. Regional representatives of the company work all over Ukraine.

Logistics Group - this company is one of the largest operators of secondary raw materials in Ukraine. The company has branches in all 8 regions of the western region and an extensive network of reception points.