Overtrans has a car fleet of large Volvo and MAN trucks, environmental class: E-5 and E-6. Schmitz Cargobull and Schwarzmuller semi-trailers, 86-120 m3. Low-capacity vehicles of the brand: Mercedes-Benz, MAN. The total number is more than 200 units of trucks and vehicles.

We constantly and carefully monitor the quality of service to our customers, so we regularly update our car fleet with modern, safe and most importantly - environmentally friendly vehicles. All transport meets international standards. All cars are equipped with global positioning and navigation systems: GSM and GPS, which meet the modern level of quality. Thanks to this, Overtrans guarantees not only the best service for partners, but also makes work on heavy trucks safe and comfortable for the drivers themselves.

One of the main principles of Overtrans is to create conditions for maximum safety and reliability of transportation. All our cargoes are subject to CMR liability insurance of truckers and freight forwarders.

The total number of cars is constantly growing, and the services we provide are improving.